Solana Warriors Story

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With the low taxes and the innovations introduced by the Solana kingdom under King Anatoly, the welfare level was increasing day by day. Residents were quite satisfied with the low taxes introduced by the kingdom and the innovations made to improve public welfare. In the Ethereum kingdom, however, it was quite unlikely to mention anything similar on behalf of prosperity. People were criticizing the current state of the empire and the high taxes they enforced.

King Vitalik of Ethereum seemed to be more concerned with his own well-being than the welfare of his people. The worth of Ethereum started to decay among the people of Solana kingdom and the rumors about low taxes and a high level of well-being gradually spread. These rumors caused a snowball effect in the kingdom and eventually the residents of Ethereum rebelled against the kingdom due to high fees and taxes that they could not stand anymore.

The fire of the riots first manifested itself in the city of Kolomna, the capital of the Ethereum Kingdom. The riot soon spread to many cities like a wildfire. To suppress it, King Vitalik commanded his troops to act immediately. The soldiers were able to suppress the uprising, albeit very bloody, using the power of the tyrannical order given by the king. During this period, many military casualties incurred while protecting their king. Later, he would accuse the Solana kingdom as the reason behind the rebellion and declare war.

While the residents of Solana were living their peaceful lives, people felt fear to their bones as the bells started to ring sorely, indicating a war was on the doorstep. There was a great commotion in the city and horror could be seen in the eyes of the peasants. Although the people of Solona were right to be horrified and shaken, they never doubted their glorious King. They had complete faith that they would overcome this war with the wisdom of King Anatoly. In contrast of Solona people, bells were not something to afraid of but a gleam of hope for the people of Ethereum. Even the prospect of liberating the kingdom’s youth from evil and wicked ruling led people to be hopeful.