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October 10

SolWarriors Launch

January 8 @ 00.00 UTC, the brave and fearless Solana Warriors find their true owner.

October 9

Marketplaces on Available

Solwarriors can be sold in Solana’s marketplaces with the largest volume.

October 8

Special Gifts

Holders who have SolWarriors designated after being minted are given special gifts.

October 7

Comic Book

Every month, the Kindom of Solana comic book will be published. The fate of the characters in the comic will be determined by the votes of the SolWarriors NFT owners.

October 4

Kingdom of Solana Game

The beta version of the game Kingdom of Solana will be released.

March 1

Kingdom of Solana Awards

Successful brave fighters in the rank system in the game are awarded by Kingdom of Solana in certain periods. Of course, it will be the Play to Earn game.