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SolWarriors Comic Book Series Part 1 Published!!!

Launch Day:


Play to Earn Game

We will release a play to earn game for you. We will announce the beta version soon.

Comic Book Series

We are going to release a comic book series featuring Solwarriors, in which you will determine their fate.

Special Gift Awards

After the Mint, we will also distribute special gifts. We will try to be an ever-growing community.

Solana Warriors Story

With the low taxes and the innovations introduced by the Solana kingdom under King Anatoly, the welfare level was increasing day by day. Residents were quite satisfied with the low taxes introduced by the kingdom and the innovations made to improve public welfare. In the Ethereum kingdom, however, it was quite unlikely to mention anything similar on behalf of prosperity. People were criticizing the current state of the empire and the high taxes they enforced.

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